I think I will just leave this page titled as “Home.” By nature I really want to accomplish something before this life ends that has an impact on helping others. I am a man who loves God, my wife, my family and friends and my country. In each of those things that I hold dear I am truly “Home”.

As a younger man and when I first met my beautiful wife, we spent a great deal of time and money experiencing fine food and wine and acquiring material things. But, things were not what we felt defined us. We loved one another deeply and after one short year of marriage we were blessed by the birth of our first child. After our daughter Amalia was born we determined, together that we would work as a team to make sure she had everything she needed.  To us that meant that at least one family member would stay home to care for our newborn. That responsibility primarily fell to my wife. She didn’t take on an easier job or one with less hours than the eighty hour work week that she had grown accustom to in hospitality management. She devoted herself entirely to a job with no pay but many benefits and never looked back. She did this for us and I think she would tell you there was no career path that could have possibly been more rewarding. Together we have raised three beautiful children that we are immensely proud of.

As for me, I graduated with a degree in physical education after attending college on a baseball scholarship.  I truly believe that the  worse mistake I may have made was not pursuing  becoming a coach and teacher. I made the choice to try my hand at sales with the belief that it would be a far more lucrative way to go. In fact, it was for a time but eventually the glass company that I was employed by closed and I found myself searching for a new profession. It as during the training phase of the opening of a new restaurant group in Columbus Ohio that I found the love of my life and also a life long career path. As it turned out I had a great deal of aptitude for customer service and over many years of working to support our family, I have experienced literally every aspect of the hospitality industry.

Throughout my life God has always been with me. Even through my college years when I can recall a few times that I should not have survived stupid things I did.  He is and has always been there. As life has continued I have been blessed in numerous ways and I would like to return the favor. So, in my own way and through my writings, I am trying to give Him all the glory. He has now given me time to write and share ideas and stories and I pray that one day they will be successful enough to make money above and beyond our personal needs, to allow us to help others.

I could write more, but I appreciate you for taking time to read a little about me my relationship with God, his son Jesus, his mother on earth Mary, and someone I can completely appreciate, Joseph, the father of  Jesus here on earth.  St. Joseph was an inspiration to me as a young Father and he continues to be that as I have now authored a series of books that honor his name. Thank you Lord for your blessings.

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