Thank You “Donnie”

Donnie or Donny is his name. Not sure of the spelling. It really should matter. I should know the spelling, but I don’t. He responds to this name although he is a meek 230 pounds and stands over six feet tall with a great big toothy smile. I wanted to make Donnie the target of my first blog post because he epitomizes the heart of a very good person. Selfless and confident. So, here is the story.

My daughter has a great opportunity as one of three students selected to attend and study at Oxford University in Oxford, England on what the schools always like to say is a fully covered event, but it really isn’t. We have already put over $3,000 into the pot to make sure she has everything she needs for her stay. I digress.

One of these things necessary in this very sad world as it is comes from the fact that women have to protect themselves. They are being attacked in crazy numbers and quite honestly I don’t like the fact that my daughter will be by herself, but the best we could do was to insist she take a few self defense lessons. This is where Donnie comes in. He is a Judo expert and some great colored belt, but he also knows how to share. He shares information and teaches people in a confident manner, then he goes over the method again and again until he knows someone is doing it correctly. He received the phone call from my wife to help my daughter learn a few last minute maneuvers to defend herself. The only night available was a night after he taught several hours of high impact combat physical education and even came to the house, or cottage as it is. It is tiny, but he worked around that.

My daughter felt much more confident on how to defend herself after the class, but Donnie wished her luck on the trip and congratulated her, but would not accept payment. It was his gift to her. What a big heart and so very selfless. Thank you “Donnie.”

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