About Us

Life is about us. For me it is all about knowing God. God gives me all comfort and allows me to realize that life is family, friends, and a chance to do what we want to do. There is such confidence in the Lord that no matter what happens things will be fine. I put so much into his guidance and so often I say to God, “I put this in your hands to deal with for me.” This instantly lifts any burden I may have from my shoulders. I pray often through out the day and I thank our Lord for his blessings, I ask for more blessings, I ask for great health to be with ALL of my family, and basically that we receive our needs.

I have included many pictures in the collage, but there are so many more I could include. We have family, friends, places, celebrations, and activity that allows my family and myself the  greatest chance to enjoy the world God has created. I am truly blessed that we can enjoy each other.

Sports are fun for me as well, but not a religion. I played quite a bit of baseball, football, tennis, swimming, biking, fishing, well, you have the idea. Many of these opportunities have been provided by my mother and her encouragement to participate in activities. We were also blessed having a neighborhood full of baby sitters. They weren’t paid, but you can bet if you did anything wrong they would let your parents know.

Life. God. Family. All very good things, and thus I have tried to write  books which give me an opportunity to speak on the good things in life. I have included St. Joseph’s name in the title of my books to honor  the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus on Earth. It must have been incredible to be in his position and to have the responsibility of caring for the son of God. As a Father and Grandfather I have made some sacrifices but none so noble and so purely given in faith and out of love.

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