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Patti and I have been in the hospitality business for many years as you may have read and we are proud of our industry. Many restaurants, bars, hotels, and caterers find that they are training new employees in six months or less to fill positions over and over again. A business must not get lazy, but must find ways to retain current well trained employees. This cost so much money and inaccuracies from newly trained employees just adds to the cost of business expenses. If one can keep their employees on staff and not lose them due to mistreatment or not understanding employee needs the company would find that they use the money they would use for training new employees to give raises to the established well trained employees. This is not the same for other business or industry. Many companies provide an opportunity for employees to consider their job at the factory or their position in office is important and secure so families can plan around that possibility. If someone buys a car and they are paid a certain wage they will hope to retain a wage at least at that level to assure car payments are made.


The reason I feel badly for our business is that I have pride in it. And when a restaurant does not do what they intend to do to the best of their ability the whole industry can suffer from the few. We provide so much fun and happy guests when they seek to do our jobs and focus on making the guest the number one priority from the time they enter your establishment to the time they get home safely. Food servers and bartenders can be the connecting point to bring guests back to your business.

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